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Let's Redefine the way you interact with your home

Integrated with an advanced Artificial Intelligence, the app, learns your daily routine and suggests you ways to automate it. It also, informs you about any unwanted use of your devices, alerts you if any of your device is consuming more than the required amount of electricit, schedules your devices for you, creates mood lightenings and scenes of your desire, and a lot more...

Meet Your Smart Assistance

Have the liberty of having your very own Butler-like app, that does all the device management at your command.

Why Home Automation

Amidst this fast pace of life, we want everything to be simple, convenient, connected and smart, including our homes.


With an integrated artificial intelligence system that comes along with your smart home Keep an eye on your home through your smartphone.

Why do it Yourself, If technology can do it for you...

How about an automated smart system, that knows, you are 10 minutes away from home and it manages to get your room pre-cooled?

Latest news

Integrated with Smart Assistants like Google Home and Alex, Our devices also respond and work with your voice.

Byadmin Jun 18, 2018

For Your Perfect Experience

Returning home from work after a long and stressful day, you have to tell someone to switch the AC on for your room, before you reach there so th

Byadmin Jun 13, 2018


Control your home devices with just a tap on your phone screen. Schedule your devices to operate at your desired time, set scenes and mood lightn